Argos Red Sea Your Liveaboard Advisor.....

M/Y  Aeolus

L.O.A : 26m
Breadth: 6.7m
Engines: 2x524 HP
Gen Sets: 2x35 KW
4500 Lt/Day
2xBauer Mariner
4.7m + 40HP Yamaha
A/C: 220V 50Hz
Cabins :
4Dbl Cabins with Private Facilities

If you have been on a Live-aboard in the Red Sea before then you are familiar with one of the following scenarios.


The boat is full of new divers with new logbooks, wish I could have more space to make these great dives at my own pace .
The boat is full of experienced divers, I feel worried that I can't keep up or make all the dive sites during my trip .
I have no place to put my camera gear , we are all packed on the dive deck ,  I wish there were less divers on this boat .
I want to take my family including my young kids on a Live-aboard in the Red Sea , but I don't want to share a boat with 20 strangers , And it's too expensive to charter the whole boat for my family .
I have been waiting 20 minutes in my wetsuit in the sun for the Zodiac to come and pick me to the dive site , there are too many divers and small capacity Zodiacs .
I wish as an Instructor , that I could have a boat in the Red Sea to conduct my student's open water dives in a better environment , this is surely going to keep them loyal clients to my club .
We are a group of 4 , 6 , 8 divers thinking of a live-aboard in The Red Sea , but we can't find a good boat in this period for our group and we can't find more people willing to travel in this period .
we as technical divers can't find a decent live-aboard to conduct our dives without having to share with other recreational divers , we need the space and proper arrangements to be able to do our ONE dive a day .
I wish we could make more dives , but I have to wait for my tank to be ready -  filling those 20 tanks surely takes long  , it is killing the day light time .

If you have seen yourself in one or more of the previous scenarios , then you are in the right place  .
We have built the " Aeolus " after many years in the field just for the 9 stated reasons .
Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think ??